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Matching shirts…. 

Matching shirts…. 

Awhile ago I was watching Blaine and Rachel’s performance of "Broadway Baby" in our living room and my older brother (who doesn’t watch Glee, he’s just passing by every time me and my older sisters watch the show) came up to me and told me "I think they’re gonna end up being together." I just answered him with a smile. Few seconds later I overheard him asked my older sister "Are they in a relationship?", I just don’t know if he’s referring to the characters or the actors.. 

I’m just sharing.. :) 

I think I just found a new duet partner!

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Okay, so I was wondering if both Blaine and Rachel knew that their assignment for their NYADA midwinter critique is to sing a Sondheim song “individually” then why they sang as a duet? Just wondering. But anyways, I’d like to praise that performance, the choreography was amazing, their voices sound great together and the camera shots was also great. :) I’d like to add that Blaine looks handsome with the suit and his hairstyle, Rachel looks so gorgeous with the dress, in other words they’re both stunning!

My song of the week!

"Phantom of the opera"

I feel like Glee’s First Listen Friday is back. 

Glee Cast

—Broadway Baby (Glee Cast Version)

Broadway Baby (Glee Cast Version)

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I wish the interview was much more longer..
*cries because BROADWAY BABIES”